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TRINITY GROUP manages and develops property in London and the South-East UK and in Germany.

With 500,000 sq. ft. of commercial property in London and the South-East along with high-end residential developments in the West-End our commitment to the UK property market is substantial and long-term.

Trinity has in excess of 1000 flats in Berlin, a portfolio which we are in the process of increasing. Berlin is the capital of the major and most successful economy in Europe and, as such, meets our criteria of long-term potential and manageable risk. We are in the process of expanding in this market.

As a group with a focus on major European centres and markets we have identified the on-shore wind sector as a future growth market and have established a leading position in the Swedish wind farm development industry. Our involvement in the wind industry is likely to grow substantially over the next five years.


Aidan Goulding

Aidan Goulding
Aidan joined Trinity from the construction industry where he managed a company specialising in small residential developments. Trinity offered the potential to manage, develop and hold residential properties. Aidan is involved in all aspects of our residential portfolio but is particularly focused on managing and growing our German portfolio. Under his management average occupancy has grown from 87% to over 96%. He is currently seeking further properties to add to the existing stock of 1000 units. Aidan enjoys reading and sport, is involved with local football and plays the odd game of golf.

David Albericci

David Albericci, B.Com., FCA
David Albericci is a chartered accountant with twenty years experience of property investment and management. After a successful career in banking he set up an investment joint venture with Bank of Scotland which was purchased outright by the Bank in 2001. By then he had set up his own investment company, Brookdale Limited, which specialised in investments in London and the South East UK. In 2005 he joined Trinity Group which subsumed Brookdale’s portfolio. David is a prime influence behind the Group’s renewable energy business and believes that successful investment requires assets to be designed to modern standards of safety and sustainability.

Sean Collins

Sean Collins, BSC, MA
After eleven years working with Rabbo and Paribank where he specialised in property finance Sean left in 2000 and set up Trinity Group to develop and invest in property with a view to long-term value. Sean’s approach is to concentrate on prime locations and he is currently focused on high-end residential developments. Trinity is engaged, with its partners, in 50,000 sq ft of residential developments in Knightsbridge and Belgravia. Sean is 46 and has interests which include skiing, diving and reading.