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Trinity’s portfolio of flats in Berlin are predominantly mid-market units let at affordable rents and are spread throughout the city. The average Berlin tenant remains with us for over eight years. Tenants tend to move because their accommodation needs change and numerous tenants have been happy to move from one Trinity Unit to another.

Since 1999, over 200 German and international organizations have followed the Federal Government to Berlin. With one leg in the East and the other in the West, this once divided city has long since embodied an expanding Europe.

With its diverse set of higher education institutions and their 135,000 students, more than 70 publicly funded R&D institutes, a number of national laboratories and 40 technology parks and incubators, Berlin is one of the prime locations for science in Germany and among the top three innovative regions in the European Union. About 40 000 people, 3% of Berlin’s workforce, are engaged in R&D activities. Berlin spends 4.2% of its GDP in R&D, which is more than any other German State.

38,000 annual graduates from the institutes of higher Education provide a driving force behind the employment, this plus the internal migration of Germans has led to a significant expansion in the population of Berlin in comparison to other German cities, an expansion which is set to continue for the next decade.

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The Gate Portfolio Berlin

Social stability, political stability and growth make Berlin a ‘safe haven’ for real estate investments. Since German reunification over 200 German and international organisations have followed the Federal Government to Berlin.

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